Cool new technology and easy install for Kitchen Electric!

How many of you have misplaced the charging ports in the picture below?     I am embarrassed to say that I have spent some extra cash on purchasing new ones from Amazon, until recently when Paul came home and said, “I have a solution that would take care of this, you know?”  I thought.. read more →

A few things to look for when hiring an electrician

At Kitchen Electric we visit client’s homes and businesses all across Clark County and Skamania County providing quotes and performing quality electrical work. One of the main concerns we come across with clients, whether they are home owners or business owners is the worry of finding an electrician who is professional and qualified. It comes.. read more →

Hang Christmas Lights Right

Christmas is fast approaching (as is the cold weather) and with it comes the annual obligation to hang Christmas Lights. There are a few people who look forward to the process, but for others it’s just another way to spend a perfectly good Sunday outside in the cold hanging off the end of a ladder stringing lights. read more →

Switch Plates to Match Your Walls

Why is it that almost all homes have the same white switches, plugs, and covers?  People personalize almost every other aspect of a house, but rarely do you see matching or complimentary plugs, switches, and covers. Now you can be one of the few to put the extra detail into your home with Lutron’s line.. read more →