21 Oct 2013

Hang Christmas Lights Right

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The Griswold way to hang Christmas LightsChristmas is fast approaching (as is the cold weather) and with it comes the annual obligation to hang Christmas Lights. There are a few people who look forward to the process, but for others it’s just another way to spend a perfectly good Sunday outside in the cold hanging off the end of a ladder stringing lights.

Whether you enjoy it or not, it is dangerous to hang Christmas lights without understanding the addition electrical load they use and it can create a real safety issue. ¬†Overloading circuits and haphazard installations both contribute to seasonal fire risk. Even if you understand the math behind circuit loads, there’s still the physical danger of hanging the lights.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, fires related to decorative lights result in an average of $26 million in damage and 5800 fall related accidents. The last thing you want to experience is an injury (or worse) around the holidays, which is why we are happy to announce that Kitchen Electric will now hang Christmas lights!

Why not let our professional electricians install the Christmas lights for you? Avoid both the hassle, the risk, and spend your weekends and evenings doing the things that make Christmas worth celebrating. We’ve got the right equipment and know how to hang the lights right so can enjoy another holiday season.

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